5 Things No One Is Doing

While some people are using select Internet marketing techniques to drive traffic to their site, others are doing nothing at all, except hoping for the best. Using a wide variety of tried and true online marketing methods is the best way to see real results in your sales. A great place to start is by opting to implement the 5 things practically no one is doing. These things produce serious results and should be used by every business with an Internet presence. They include:

  • Blogging
  • Autoresponders, building an email list and following up
  • Free reports
  • Online video
  • Basic SEO

Creates a steady online presence that increases your chances of being at the top of search engine results for your keywords.
Using a blog you can get content containing all your long-tailed keywords on the web. In addition, it allows you to build a following
of customers and potential customers who are interested in what you share and who provide valuable feedback to you. This audience is ripe for being marketed to when your business is in a slump.

Are tools that allow you to build an email list and easily follow up with those on it. They are a set of standardised letters that are
set up once and the necessary contact with each new individual who opts into your email list is taken care of automatically.
Autoresponders are an indispensable tool which saves time for you and actually does some of the lead nurturing that is
absolutely essential in demand marketing.

Offering Free Reports
To those who are interested is another of the underused tools in the online marketer’s toolbox. Everyone loves getting something
for nothing. If you offer free reports on an area of interest to your potential customers you will establish yourself as an expert in that field and you will easily be able to get them to give their email or other contact information in exchange for a report that actually provides useful information.

Online Video
Is the video version of blogs and articles. You can reach numerous customers and potential customers with this new hot
online marketing tool. You can create a simple video from text slides and voiceover or music or record a video of actual products
and services in use. Be sure to place video both on your site and offsite for maximum effectiveness.

Basic SEO, or Search Engine Optimization
Is another tool that goes unused by those looking to promote their business online. It is simply making sure that your website
is as appealing as possible to the spiders that crawl the Internet collecting information for search engines. This includes strategic
use of keywords, backlinks and more.

Many businesses pay a lot of money to have someone create a fancy looking website for them, but it’s simply not search engine
optimisation so it will never get ranked in the search engines. Without the strategic use of keywords, a significant number of links to their site and the removal of sluggish elements like Flash, a website will never achieve a top ranking.

By putting in place these 5 things that no one is doing you will be able to easily set your website apart from that of most of your competitors. Your search engine results will begin to quickly climb and you will find that more and more customers are “stumbling across” your website.